Creating Follow-up Campaigns After Black Friday

Black Friday represents a huge chunk of holiday spending, and it can be hard to get people to open their wallets again so soon again once it’s over. Some customers feel like they need a little break from spending before going through their final round of gift shopping, or perhaps they stand still because there’s just no level of urgency due to a drop off in great deals.

Customer churn, or when customers stop spending money with your business, represents a real threat to your company’s bottom line. On a more positive note, if you’re able to reduce your customer churn rate by 5%, you can increase profitability by 25-125%. Most marketers agree that 80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers.

To prevent customer churn, it’s important to plan some follow up campaigns for after Black Friday.

Keep up Your Holiday Theme

Take note of companies like Starbucks who keep their holiday cups for the entire holiday season. Even after Black Friday weekend, make it known that you’ll be keeping your holiday-themed shopping bags and boxes. Beautiful gift wrap can get shoppers back in the holiday spirit, and get excited about holiday shopping.

According to a scientific study, customers who look at beautiful packaging have more intense brain activity than neutral packaging. This means that even if consumers convince themselves that they’re done shopping, when they see products with attractive packaging, it may influence them to reopen their wallets.

Create More Holiday Ads

As it gets closer to Christmas, more and more holiday ads start to pop up. Unfortunately, not all businesses have the capacity to produce commercials – the production and airtime can quickly eat up the whole season’s budget (or more)! Luckily, targeting options and the considerably lower cost of online advertising is still a viable option for reaching holiday shoppers.

Consider producing low-cost video commercials to feature in online advertising. It can be a risky strategy, but with a little luck, they might go viral. Make sure to laser-target your advertising so that your message reaches the largest number of relevant customers.

Stay Active on Social Media

Social media is a very strong channel for marketing campaigns, and if you stop updating your consumers for even one day, they’ll start wondering where you are.

Being consistently active on social media will keep your customer connection strong throughout the holidays. Make sure to post stylish photos of your products on your Instagram, regularly curate articles/blog posts on your Facebook and Twitter, and add a touch of the holiday spirit to your posts.

Partner up with Other Brands

Partnering with other brands can give a boost in exposure to both sides for a win-win experience.There are so many huge brands that have collaborated in the past to market themselves. More often than note, collaboration between brands has led to success. Collaboration means getting exposure to a new customer base, in addition to complementary cross-sell opportunities.

Partnering with other brands can be tricky and complicated if went about the wrong way. For example, you probably wouldn’t want to create a promotion between a diaper brand and a food brand (ew). However, some brands seem destined to work together, like when GoPro partnered with Red Bull. If you find a great brand to partner with during the holiday season, you’ll not only prevent churn, but will help grow your existing customer base.

Email Campaign

Like social media, email marketing is an important channel for encouraging holiday sales. Even though Black Friday is over, don’t stop sending out interesting and eye-catching emails to your subscribers.

A few ideas for follow-up campaigns after Black Friday to prevent customer churn over email:

  • Free shipping on a specific date
  • Purchases over a certain amount will get a free item
  • Discount coupons valid after Black Friday and before Christmas

The holidays are just around the corner, and Black Friday is just the start of seasonal spending. Customers will eventually come back after Black Friday, but it makes sense to be as proactive as possible when it comes to keeping them engaged throughout the season.

Use what you know about your customers, and these ideas for follow-up campaigns after Black Friday to grow your company’s revenue this holiday season.

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