Mabbly, Connected

As many others have faced over the past several months, Mabbly has transitioned to remote work out of necessity and safety. As we’ve approached 2 months of remote work, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves, both together and individually. From our weekly status meetings, individual department collaborations, one-on-one sessions, and our new “state-of-the-world” check-ins, we have had our adaptability put to the test, and with incredible results. 

Our teams have adapted to and embraced our new reality of working remotely without sacrificing the human connection of yesterday. Pushed to our limits by the pandemic, we realize how little we control the cards we’re dealt, yet how much we control the way in which we respond. At Mabbly, our individuality, connection, mastery, and agility have allowed us to continue thriving, pushing out world-class work in timelines and conditions we once never thought were possible. 

However, we also know the importance of the privilege we have, and being able to work remotely is not an option for many people across the country. From restaurant workers, hospitality employees, and beyond, remote work just isn’t a possibility. In addition, to our front line workers, essential healthcare professionals, grocery store employees, and more, we thank each and every one of you for continuing to push forward in a time unlike we’ve ever seen before. 

At Mabbly, we are accelerating tomorrow’s vision by unlocking business potential today, and making the best out of the current circumstances to come together, connected, even if not physically for the time being. We’re looking forward to being together once again, but until then, we’ll see each other every day on Slack, Zoom, Facetime, and more.

If your business is struggling with the loss in physical connection, or even your digital presence, we have created a brief resource on digital visibility and how to keep up with your online presence during these times.