Why Aren’t Your Employees and Colleagues Sharing the Company Blog On Social Media? (And Why Should They?)

Encourage Employees to Share Your Content on Social Media

One of the biggest digital marketing struggle for many business owners, whether they are the CEO of a large shop or managing just an employee or two, is getting these employees to become engaged with the company and its content on social media. It is frustrating to work on a blog post and promote it on LinkedIn only to have three likes after a week even though there are more than a dozen people in the office.

This is a source of concern because your staff is an excellent marketing opportunity, as you can capitalize on their social networks. Also, it helps your blog look more impressive when there are many likes collecting. It’s kind of like a tip jar – the oldest trick in the book is to stick a dollar in there at the start of the day and it is more likely to inspire others to do the same. This all sounds great, so why are your staff members and colleagues not engaging with the company’s content on social media?

They do not know about the blog post

It is difficult for people to share your content and otherwise engage with it if they do not know that it is there. It is too labor intensive to send a company-wide email each time you post something, and most people will not read all email everyday, and will definitely not prioritize a daily email like that over all of their other work. However, you can send a weekly email announcing blog posts for the week ahead, or a summary email at the end of the week. It is recommended that you reach out to specific employees who would be interested in a particular blog or social media post, and those that have large, well-developed networks.

They do not know about the benefits

Not everyone is a social media marketing guru so you may have to explain why it is important that employees share blogs and other content with their social media networks. They do not understand how their shares are of any value to the business. Break down how social media marketing works, that content goes a lot further when it receives a large dose of attention from the beginning, and that it will make them thought leaders (or at least an interesting voice in an industry conversation).

They do not use social media

As the head of the company, it is a good idea for you to have a clear understanding of how many of your employees use social media for professional purposes. Maybe no one is sharing your blog post because they do not have the accounts necessary to do so. You will want to encourage your staff to establish LinkedIn or Twitter accounts, or others depending on your industry, if they do not already have them.