Why you should hire a consultant for rebranding

Educating yourself about the misconceptions of branding, then answering questions related to a rebrand are the first important steps in overhauling your company’s identity. But how should you specifically go about tackling this project? While some companies have an internal creative team, large projects like this are best left to the pros by hiring a branding agency.

Here are some of the many reasons why you should hire a consultant for rebranding.

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Agencies Provide a Fresh and Objective Perspective

Whether you have an internal creative team or not, bringing on a third-party consultant will offer a fresh pair of eyes. An internal team is exposed to a company’s branding every day, and when it comes to change, it can be hard to be objective.

Hiring a third-party consultant provides the opportunity for innovation that in-house creatives may overlook. When deciding how to prioritize which elements of your brand should be altered, a completely unbiased view makes room for strategic opportunities that may otherwise be missed by individuals who are simply too close to the brand.

Agencies Have Relevant Skills and Expertise

When it comes time to hire a consultant, you are most likely going to hire an individual or team based on an impressive portfolio of previous work. Ideally, this person or company has already demonstrated the skills and strategies needed to produce powerful change.

If you are lucky, you have a robust and diverse in-house creative team. Unfortunately, most creative teams are small and likely have significant skill gaps. For instance, you may have someone on your team who excels in graphic design, but lack an individual who is knowledgeable aboutmarketing strategies. In the case of a rebrand, you’ll need both types of skills to be successful.

By hiring adigital branding agency, you have access to a wide range of talent, with skills that can fill the gaps your team is missing. Successful agencies will provide you with fully vetted marketing plans utilizing multiple channels, as well as strategic planning and monitoring.

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Agencies Have Access to the Latest Knowledge and Best Tools

Rebranding is an everyday task at digital branding agencies. They know what it takes to successfully create abrandthat conveys your company’s culture, vision, and belief. Because this is their purpose for existing, digital agencies have their own marketing software and licenses, which provides a myriad of resources that wouldn’t be available to an in-house team. When working with an agency, you can be assured their knowledge is up to date and that you will have multiple brains working together to achieve the best results.

Agencies Have Time to Devote to Rebranding Efforts

Agencies have the manpower, resources, and experience working against deadlines to ensure timely turnover. Rebranding is a big undertaking, and unless you have a fully equipped internal team, you are going to deal with incomplete to do lists, forgotten ads, and inconsistent social media posts. Eventually, your branding will go by the wayside.Branding agencies allow your creative team to focus on their daily duties, without feeling bogged down and overwhelmed.

Agencies Provide an Efficient Return on Investment

Rebranding is an everyday task at digital branding agencies.Rebranding requires an investment of time and money. More than likely, you will be asking your employees to go beyond their skillset, which will require extra training. You could hire an additional employee, but when you stop to think about the cost of training, benefits, and paid time off, the new hire will likely cost more than a monthly retainer with a good agency.

Hiring an agency will alleviate the cost of training new employees, the internal stress of going beyond your team’s skill set, and will allow your in-house creatives to focus on their existing roles. By becoming more efficient, you’ll be creating more opportunities to grow revenue.

Digital branding agencies are well-equipped teams who are experts in their field. Yes, they can provide you with the most modern technology and most up to date trends, but perhaps their perspective tops it all. A new perspective is everything, and a fresh set of expert eyes can bring transformational results.