TIGER 21 is a leading network of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) and job creators that engages its users with peer-led learning. Members consist of successful entrepreneurs, investors, and executives.

Members were looking for more ways to connect beyond their geographic group. So, TIGER 21 came to Mabbly to redevelop their member platform with a user- and digital-first approach. The hope was to offer an immersive experience that excited users and left them wanting more.


  1. Architect a long-term technical strategy to transform TIGER 21’s membership platform.
  2. Create an MVP community membership platform based on WordPress.
  3. Transition the current platform and data to the new, custom-built membership platform.
  4. Custom-build a bespoke membership platform that would stand the test of time.
  5. Build and release a React-Native based mobile app and React-based web app.
  6. Create a sizzle video to announce the new app to the member base.


We immediately got to work with the TIGER 21 IT team, led by their CIO/CTO James Salmon, to develop a launch plan for their new membership platform. We approached the launch in two phases: An interim WordPress-based MVP platform followed by a full-fledged, custom-built application. Then we worked with the TIGER 21 marketing team to produce a sizzle video announcing the newly released app to the global TIGER 21 audience.

“The Mabbly Team aren’t just a vendor, they are an extension of our own team. Working with them has allowed us to build websites and applications that we could not possibly have managed solely in-house. Mabbly are truly a partner for us in every sense of the word.”

James Salmon, CIO at TIGER 21


Create a scalable, user-focused platform. 

We put TIGER 21 members and their concerns at the heart of the new platform’s design. We also sought to bring the mantra of “Learn, Access, Connect” to life on the new membership platform.

The updated platform provides a secure space that encourages members new and old to engage with one another, bolstering the TIGER 21 network now and years down the road. We also created a scalable architecture to ensure synergy and a consistent experience between the web and native apps. And the work is ongoing as we actively seek to introduce new features that resonate with users.