Why Artificial Intelligence Marketing Will Dominate by 2017

Artificial Intelligence Marketing used to be a concept only speculated about in science fiction movies. Who would’ve thought that in 2016, it would start to play a real role in our daily lives? Because of the wide reaching applications of Artificial Intelligence, marketers must take note and determine ways to use it to their advantage.

AI presents marketers with the unique opportunity to run campaigns in a way that have previously never been done or even thought of. This data driven, personal touch will allow marketers to get quite personal with the audience. Moving forward, here’s why artificial intelligence will dominate marketing by 2017.

Smarter Search


It’s not exactly news that Google continues to improve its search algorithm on an almost daily basis. It is worth noting, however, that search has evolved from directories and a list of meta tags towards becoming something much more organic and useful. Google’s algorithm has evolved to take on what seems to be a life of it’s own, and as a result, people are finding what they want in search much more quickly and efficiently. Marketers must take note and optimize their content accordingly.

Another evolving area of search that relates to artificial intelligence is the newer area of voice search. Technology is getting better at recognizing and interpreting our vocal patterns. As searches are starting to originate from virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana, instead of search engines, marketers need to be aware of how voice affects search and how that then affects their existing SEO strategy. These machine learning and deep learning algorithms make the lives of customers and product developers much easier.

Ad Optimization


It’s almost creepy how hyper-relevant online ads are starting to become. But when people share any type of data online, it’s usually within the collecting company’s terms of conditions to use it as they see fit. If that’s not something you’re ok with, make sure to read the terms and conditions. Typically, companies use this information to understand their target audience and dive deep into their likes and dislikes, so that their marketing can be more appealing to the audience.

It’s because of all this collected data that online ad targeting is getting more and more intelligent. Smarter ads are a big reason why artificial intelligence will dominate marketing by 2017 (and companies can expect more conversions).

Sentiment Analysis


Even enterprise companies don’t necessarily have the time or staff necessary to comb through all the social interactions fans (or disgruntled customers) initiate. It’s thanks to tools with sentiment analysis, aided by Artificial Intelligence, that it’s possible for large companies to glean useful data from the mass amount of data that results from online interactions. As new tools are invented to measure this data, smaller companies will have the same access to interpretive technology.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Gone are the days of the standard FAQ page. Customer service of the past is getting a dramatic makeover for companies employing Artificial Intelligence to interact with customers. For a live example, visit Verizon Wireless’ contact us page. Instead of directly encouraging customers to contact a customer service agent, Verizon Wireless first attempts to use existing data to intelligently answer questions. That’s time and money saved for any company employing these tactics.

Bots like those used at Verizon Wireless are starting to be implemented by many different companies for many different purposes – not just customer service. Need a personal concierge? A live human may not be as efficient as a bot with access to the entire internet’s data.

AI in Images

ImagingThere’s seemingly no part of marketing unaffected by the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence – including the visuals used to interact with customers. Snapchat’s silly filters are actually powered by a complicated Artificial Intelligence technology that seems counter intuitive to what you’d expect. How will Artificial Intelligence affect video creation and consumption?

Pokemon Go is another application of Artificial Intelligence Marketing. Instead of filters, Pokemon Go incorporates Augmented Reality technology to make people feel like the game is coming to life. Both of these applications of Artificial Intelligence Marketing give people a new perspective and allow them to interact with technology in new and enjoyable ways that helps shape their experience with a company.

It’s not hard to see why Artificial Intelligence will dominate marketing by 2017. Is your company starting to look into using it to interact with customers? If not, it may be time to take a serious look at where it might make sense to fit into your marketing plan.

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