Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools You Should Be Using in 2014

Digital Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

In an age where people are glued to their phones or tablets, digital marketers are turning towards connecting with their target market on their mobile devices.  The opportunity to create engaging, visually pleasing, and inspiring content is endless in the digital world. Digital marketing can really help your business grow; here are the five best digital marketing tools everyone should be using in 2014.

  1. Social Media

Social media has become an increasingly important tool for businesses in 2014, especially small businesses.  In a recent poll by Adobe, 14% of marketers said that social media marketing will be the number one key to superior performance, in the next three years.  In order to manage your social media marketing in a more efficient manner, it is important to invest in a social dashboard service which can automatically share content across various social media sites.  However, according to Entrepreneur, it is important to have a strong, measurable digital marketing strategy in place before investing in social media advertising.

  1. Increased focus on location-based digital marketing

The widespread adoption of new mobile technology, has given marketers the opportunity to target individuals based on their location.  In fact, 91% of adults in the US  always have their mobile phones and devices near them or within arm’s reach.  The opportunities are endless with location-based digital marketing, because it allows business owners the ability to use this information to send relevant multimedia content based on geographical location data. Location-based analytics tools has made targeting your target market, that much easier.

  1. More video marketing

Video marketing gives creators the chance to really connect with viewers in a personal way.  Did you know that videos convey a message 10 times more powerfully than text content alone?  Various social media apps have also integrated video capabilities to their apps, which has led to marketers taking the opportunity to add in their own content.  Video marketing can instantly alter a users behavior, hence why it has become so popular.

  1. The increase in data analysis

Your company should be analyzing any and all types of data you can get your hands on. Why? Because if you aren’t, you could be missing out on a plethora of opportunities to connect with your target market or you could be missing the mark. According to Forbes, analyzing your data is one of the most important things you can do in order to see who is coming to your site, what they are doing, and who your loyal customers are. By analyzing your data, you can see how consumers view your brand image. Data becomes a great tool to help with everything from marketing campaigns, user experiences, conversion rates, and more. In addition, utilizing keyword research and analysis can help bring more viewers to your site and increase traffic through search engine optimization.

  1. Increasingly diverse options for content marketing

With as many messages as people see on a daily basis, it has become increasingly important to create content that is stimulating, engaging, and something that people want to interact with.  By providing people with relevant content, in social networks to email marketing, it becomes easier to attract and retain customers. Creating content marketing in the form of blog posts or videos allows you to change with your audience, rather than consistently pumping out the same message.  According to Forbes, content marketing will help you stay relevant, which helps your brand immensely. In fact, dynamic forms of content, such as short form videos, engaging content and the like are proven to increase conversions.